Hey 👋 I'm Paul, a Front-end Designer & Developer.

I've been a Front-End Developer since 2020 and a Designer for over 10 years. I work in the Digital Products team at the Barbican. I spend my time writing JavaScript and building things with Vue.js.

Before 2020, I worked as a Designer 👨‍🎨 in the Barbican Design Studio.

What have I made

I currently work with Vue.js on a range of projects (Event Management App, Building Account Areas) for the Barbican, as well as recently completing sparkthecannon.com (built with Next.js) for a freelance client.

My portfolio site is built using Next.js the Astro framework in combination with a few external APIs. I use Trello to organise my case studies and pull playlists from Spotify.

I also upload videos alongside projects for extra context. If you'd like to see more information on a particular project, please do let me know.

Take a look at my resume page for more examples.

My journey so far

I love building things and solving problems. I've always been creative, but it was graphic design that taught me how to use it in a productive way.

Design and development are about communicating ideas, removing obstacles and bringing joy where possible.

My career began in print design. I worked at Skye Creative and Brandwave before joining the Barbican in 2013.

I began working as a digital designer, creating trailers for the in-house cinemas and animating HTML adverts with JavaScript.

During this time I also began mentoring a young designer (Ernest Wereko) and built the website/brand for 36 Bourne Street.

This was the start of my journey into web development, as I began studying for a Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree at TeamTreehouse.com.

In 2020 the Barbican created a brand new job role (Front-end Designer & Developer) which I moved into to.

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