Building a Portfolio in Next.js

Build a portfolio site that is fast, engaging and showcases my abilities.

Can I see it?

Sure, you're looking at it 😉

The code is in my public Github repository.

How much did you do?

Everything! Which includes:

  • 💻 Building the app in Next.js
  • 🎨 Designing the layout with Figma
  • 🚀 Animating the brand artwork in GSAP
  • 📝 Writing the SCSS

What are the interesting parts?

This website creates content by combining data from multiple APIs. It scrapes and stores data during local development, rather than on deploy, so is super fast and consistent at build time.

It also makes use of Next.js dynamic routing, markdown for content generation and GSAP for web animation.

What needs improving?

  • Documentation 😥 It really should include JSDoc and SassDoc. The code is well structured but will be tricky to maintain without notes.
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