Designing Account Areas in Vue.js

Update the Barbican ticketing platform with a modular design that better reflects the brand and offers a wider range of functionality.

Can I see it?

Sure, it's at

The code is in a private Barbican Bitbucket repository sadly.

I have started writing about this project on my blog.

How much did you do?

Most things on the frontend, which includes:

  • 💻 Building the app in Vue.js
  • 🎨 Designing the user journey with Figma
  • 📝 Writing the SCSS

What are the interesting parts?

The platform is built in Vue.js and combines Drupal data from the main website with ticketing data from Spektrix. It's been at the centre of user-focussed innovation at the Barbican for the last 3 years.

What needs improving?

  • Documentation 😥 It really should include JSDoc and SassDoc. The code is well structured but will be tricky to maintain without notes.
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