Walthamstow Garden Party

Build and animate the website for a community festival called Walthamstow Garden Party.

Can I see it?

Sure, it's at walthamstowgardenparty.com

The code is in a private Barbican Bitbucket repository sadly.

How much did you do?

Everything on the frontend, which includes:

  • 💻 Building the site in Nuxt.js
  • 🚀 Animating the brand artwork in GSAP
  • 📝 Writing the SCSS

What are the interesting parts?

I'd say the build itself was pretty interesting for this one. We had a large group of stakeholders who needed to update the site content, so we used a Drupal CMS for the backend and Nuxt.js for consuming CMS data on the frontend. It was definitely a journey learning how to build with that data and understanding the different forms it may arrive in.

What needs improving?

  • Documentation 😥 It really should include JSDoc and SassDoc. The code is well structured but will be tricky to maintain without notes.
  • Accessibility 😥 It has none. Areas like color contrast and focus states were not considered at build time.
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